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Roadmap for Change

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Trends are dramatically changing in work and the workplace. 
Globally, many organisations have implemented or are formalising alternative workplace programs to accommodate the rapidly growing need for work and workplace flexibility.
The Public Sector in Australia and New Zealand has acknowledged these new ways of working and have collaborated through the Government Property Group (GPG) the policy changes and activities required to achieve optimum outcomes in work and workplace change.
The Roadmap for Change (Roadmap) has the collective endorsement of the GPG. It provides an overarching cohesive guide for the implementation of work and workplace change. 
Developed in 2015, the Roadmap comprises eight Steps which outline the change theory and activity suggested to manage and achieve successful change outcomes in the public sector. It is supported by six policy principles which provide overarching support for the Roadmap. 

Roadmap for change_2015_final.pdfDownload the Roadmap for Change 2015



National Green Leasing Policy

The National Green Leasing Policy sets out the principles for a collaborative relationship between governeent government tenant and building owner that will drive improved environmental performance in buildings.  This Policy forms a mechanism for Australian, State and Territory governments to develop their jurisdictional Green Leasing tools and instruments and work with Australia's building owners to improve building operation by delivering on mutual obligations.

About the GPG

The Government Property Group (GPG), formed in 1995, is the preeminent government asset property management organisation in Australia. The GPG is a sub-committee of the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council and is comprised of representatives from state and territory governments that have responsibility for the management of owned and leased government property. 


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ESD Design Guide for Australian Government Buildings Edition 2

Department of the Environment & Heritage (now the Department of the Environment) - In Australia, commercial buildings produce 8.8% of the national greenhouse emissions and have a major part to play in meeting Australia’s international greenhouse targets.


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National Framework for
Sustainable Government Office Buildings 

The GPG has developed this National Framework for Sustainable Government Office Buildings (Framework) as a set of agreed national principles to guide State and Territory governments in the implementation of sustainable office buildingpractices.