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ANZ Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement - Sept 2007
The Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) has developed this Australian and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement (Framework) as a set of national and trans-Tasman principles to guide Australian State, Territory and Federal governments and the New Zealand Government in implementing sustainable procurement.


ANZ Government Procurement Agreement - Sept 2013
The objective of the ANZ Government Procurement Agreement is to create and maintain a single ANZ government procurement market in order to maximise opportunities for competitive ANZ suppliers and reduce costs of doing business for both government and industry.

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The APCC recognises that, in the dynamically changing world of electronic commerce, prescriptive and detailed legislation and regulation is often inappropriate. It has also recognised the need for nationally consistent and evolving guidelines that provide a flexible framework to encourage and support the rapid take-up of electronic commerce in both the public and the private sectors.

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Noting that APCC members have been concurrently developing independent electronic procurement strategies, the APCMC agreed to update them National Framework to reflect the continued maturing of industry standards.

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All Australian government jurisdictions and the information and communications technology (ICT) industry can benefit from a nationally consistent contractual framework for the procurement of ICT products and services. The views and interests of government and industry stakeholders are well aligned in many areas, providing a solid basis for the development of a nationally consistent ICT contractual framework.

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Commonwealth, State and Territory governments recognise that procurement is a strategic activity that supports the delivery of government goods and services. Governments are able to respond to cost pressures, the realities of a declining revenue base and the changing service expectations of the community by utilising the power of government procurement.
The adoption of national procurement reform principles will assist to generate significant annual savings and efficiencies by encompassing primary drivers such as value for money, risk management, probity and accountability.
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Across the world large organisations have been seeking sustainable outcomes through their procurement. By incorporating sustainability principles and practices, procurement has the potential to reduce negative outcomes for society and the natural environment.
In September 2007, the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) released the Australian and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement (the Framework). The Framework delivers an agreed national and trans-Tasman approach to integrating sustainable development considerations in Australian and New Zealand public procurement.
The Framework is built on the premise that sustainable procurement balances economic, environmental and social considerations in the procurement process. It supports and encourages collaboration between government jurisdictions to develop national programs and tools to promote the principles of sustainable procurement and to share experiences, given that sustainability issues are not constrained by jurisdictional borders.
Underpinning the Framework, in May 2013 the APCC released the Sustainable Procurement Practice Note (Practice Note) accompanied by a suite of generic Sample Templates for Sustainable Procurement Processes (Templates). The Practice Note is a step-by-step methodology to embedding sustainable procurement over the complete life cycle. The Practice Note synthesises the content to each stage of the procurement process illustrated through a case study. The Templates can be customised to suit different purchasing environments.
The Australian Government, through the Department of Environment, released its Sustainable Procurement Guide  and Guide for Sustainable Procurement of Services The Australian Government’s guides and the APCC Framework, Assessing Suppliers’ Credentials; Practice Note, Templates and the many product guides are complementary and form a suite of resources and training material catering to all levels of sustainable procurement capability.
These Guides aim to provide minimum and best practice performance information and procurement responses for the below goods and services. Their purpose is to influence the procurement of these goods and services that will improve sustainability outcomes over their life cycle.
Information within these documents are intended to guide procurement professionals in considering and integrating sustainability principles into their procurement processes, and to guide industry as to government expectations in relation to the sustainability of goods and services.


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This Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) sponsored project is part of the implementation of the Australian and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement (Framework). The Framework was released by the Australian Procurement and Construction Ministerial Council in September 2007.
This document aims to provide a useful set of sustainability related supplier questions to procurement officers involved in developing tender or request documents or when assessing the sustainability credentials of a contracted supplier.